Mission statement

Our mission is to give children in NYC the opportunity to participate in winter action sports, specifically skiing and snowboarding, while promoting comradeship and personal growth.

How we started

Founder Molly Tarlofsky had the idea for The Peaks Project while writing her senior thesis for her B.S. degree in Entertainment and Arts Management at Drexel University. The Peaks Project vision became a reality soon after.

How to get involved

We welcome businesses and individuals who would like to help sponsor our organization, in monetary donations as well as goods and services.  Please contact us with your comments and queries, we would love to hear from you!

Meet the Crew

Molly Meet the Crew Resized.jpg

Molly Tarlofsky aka Molly

 Position: CEO/Founder
 Hometown: NYC
 Skier or snowboarder: 2 planker, y'all
 Years riding: 19 years strong
 Favorite resort: Snowbird, UT
 Favorite movie: 10 Things I Hate About You - classic
 Favorite food: Mac n' cheese
 Quote: Fall seven times, stand up eight.
 Cats or dogs: DOGS
 Do you call it soda or pop: Soda
 Where is Waldo: Currently shredding in South America
 Favorite trip: A trip a few years back to Snowbird. Pow for days...
 Item you can't leave home without: My phone

Matt Meet the Crew Resized.jpg

Mateusz Patrosz aka Matt

Position: Business Development Coordinator
Hometown: Yonkers, NY
Skier or snowboarder: I've come to the dark side.
Years riding: 12 on a board and 11 on skis before that
Favorite resort: Sunday River, ME is my happy place!
Favorite movie: Out Cold
Favorite food: Any homemade Polish food
Quote: No regrets, that's my motto. That and everybody Wang Chung tonight.
Cats or dogs: Both
Do you call it soda or pop: It's soda!
Where is Waldo: I am Waldo.
Favorite trip: My first snowboarding trip outside of the Northeast... a week in Innsbruck, Austria.
Item you can't leave home without: Chapstick